Thursday, March 25, 2010

Entry 5

I thought Into the Wild was an interesting story that kept me on the edge of my seat when I read it. This is worth reading because it shows how some people, like Chris, are adventurous and risk their lives to have fun and explore different places. This story proves a point that life is worth having fun and doing what they want but it may lead to serious consequences like death. Chris's life was defiantly an adventurous life and fun to live. I think if I had a chance to be him, I would have never ditched my car so I would not have to hitch hike all the time.

I think Chris is a smart, young man that was bored of a normal lifestyle and just wanted to seek adventure and something new. I do not agree with the people who criticize Chris because Chris was smart and he actually tried to come back home with his family but he couldn't because unfortunately, he died. I would love to travel around North America like he did but its not worth it to die like him. There are just too many risks and dangers traveling into the wild.

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