Thursday, March 11, 2010

Assignment #4

The book and movie "Into the Wild" are a little bit different but share some similarities and differences. One thing that has changed from the story and the movie is that there is nothing about Jon Krakauer in the movie. Another thing that is deferent from the book is when he gets rides from people that they do not mention in the book. Another thing that was in the movie that was not in the book was when Chris got beat up by the guy on the train because he was riding on it. McCandless works in McDonalds in the book, but in the movie he works at Burger King.

The images from the movie that have the most impact on my are the pictures of the mountains because the mountains are so beautiful. Another image that impacts me is when Chris's parents want to buy him a new car and he looks at his old one and says that he doesn't want a new car. Another image that is interesting is when Chris is trying to get the meat out of the moose he killed and the flies are all around it. It seems freaky because there was so many flies. Another scene that is intense is when he was about to cross the river but realized that he couldn't. It gets intense when he falls in the river but fortunately gets out.

The things that the movie make more clear to me are that when Galien dropped Chris off near the abandoned bus because it shows Galien giving Chris the boots for his feet to stay dry. Another way the movie makes more sense to me is when Chris writes the letters to the people that he met. This makes me understand those parts more because in the background, he is writing the letters and it shows up on the screen. When Chris explains his belt that he carved images into to Franz, that helped me understand that part a little bit more because it is like a timeline.

How does the film improve on the book?
The movie improves the book by explaining what happens in the story and it clears things up that are hard to comprehend from the book.
In what ways is the book superior?
The book is superior in my opinion because it is based off Chris McCandless's diary from his journey going to Alaska.
If you were a reviewer, how would you review this film? the book?
I would say the movie left out some parts and added some random parts. The book is the real thing from Chris and has the real information because it is based off his journal.

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