Thursday, February 25, 2010


Direct Characterization:
- "He excelled in academics" (1) - Alex was smart
- "will you pick me up" (55) - Alex needed a ride
- "McCandless stopped moving for two months" (40) - He liked it in Bullhead City.
- "Chris was thrilled to hear from Jane" (43) - He was happy that Jane Burres sent him a letter.

Indirect Characterization:
- "He wanted to give Gallien his watch" (7) - Alex is giving his watch because Gallien helped him out
- "He intended to walk deep" (5) - He is fearless
- Alex did not have a hunting licence but he killed animals for food (6) - he doesn't care what the law is, he just wants to survive
- Chris dodged the question (56) - This was when Franz ask him if he could adopted Alex. Alex did not want to talk about it so he ignored Franz.

Chris is a smart kid who wants to live a peaceful life in the wilderness. He is a caring person who gave his watch to Gallien because Gallien helped him out and drove him places. Chris is also fearless because he said that he wanted to walked deep into the wild. He also does not care what the laws are, but he just wants to survive by killing animals to make his own food. Chris cared for others, but he didn't really show it a lot. This is when he really cares for Jane and she sent him a letter that made him very happy.

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